Every character is intimately connected, yet can stand alone when required, as with all relations.
— Michael Coyne, 2018

A Lifetime Fascination…

I have been fascinated with monograms since the first time I saw my mothers wedding album. I noticed immediately how interesting and bespoke they can be. Everything displayed on her gift table was embroidered or engraved. My mother was now “worthy of her brand” when she became engaged to my father. This was when I was seven years old. Interestingly, this occurred around the same time I became fascinated and obsessed with interior design, specifically the significance of lighting in any roomscape.

As I matured, I was constantly doodling, usually with letters. Really, without realizing it, I was doing monograms. One thing led to another and now I am an interior designer that has quit his successful automotive career to make money doing what I love.

I started my monograms for friends as gifts, just as I had provided my design services gratis until I opened my firm in 2006. My first monograms were for same sex couples as they rarely take the same last name when they marry, so using both couples last names became a touchstone of my work. (For those who don’t know, same sex marriage is now legal in the entire United States by the Supreme Court.)

Soon, I realized that many other folks require dual last names, as they don’t take or they hyphenate their surnames. The reasons are as diverse as my clients. Once, I did a monogram for a wedding cake for my newest design assistant- things changed, and organically this business was born. An article was picked up in the Detroit News “Home Style” magazine, and the new business became popular.

Today, through our website, you can have your monogram personally designed by me and have it applied to a myriad of products.

We are really excited to create your very own “brand.” The application of my artwork is limitless. Clients have used them from landscaping to earrings and charms.


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